Equality of Opportunity for All

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At RAPV our curriculum has been designed to provide a vocational pathway through to post-16 education. We recognise that some learners are less suited to a traditional academic educational experience, thriving instead when they are provided with a work-oriented programme which they can clearly recognise provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to move on to an apprenticeship or further vocational study.

Pearson’s First Certificate in Construction and the Built Environment is a Level 2 vocational course, equivalent to 2 GCSEs, designed to equip learners with the skills they need to progress to employment in the sector, via either apprenticeship or further study at Level 3. Learners will have the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of, and develop skills in, the Construction and the Built Environment sector.

The course is built around mandatory units providing a core of essential learning in construction technology, design and sustainability alongside further units which provide a grounding in construction skills from graphical communication to carpentry, painting and decorating, brickwork and blockwork, tiling and electrical principles and techniques.

A key aim of the course is to give learners the opportunity ultimately to enter employment in a wide range of job roles by providing a broad knowledge and understanding of the Construction and the Built Environment sector as part of their career progression and development plans.

The GCSE-equivalent BTEC Principles of Applied Science Award delivers the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study for science by covering the key scientific principles vital for both scientists and citizens of the future. It develops and exemplifies these principles in applied and vocational contexts, leading to an understanding of how the principles are applied in practice. As a result, the external assessment is based on key principles of science from the Programme of Study for Science that underpin further learning.

The Application of Science Award is suitable for learners who are best suited to, and more interested in, vocational learning. It develops the learner’s understanding of key applications of science, and builds the skills required for progression either to employment, apprenticeship or moving on to vocational qualifications at level 3 and beyond.