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Year 11 Provision Final Day

Posted: June 28, 2021

Year 11 Provision Final Day


In a year which has seen the vast majority of year 11 pupils in the country staying home for their lessons over a sustained amount of time, our pupils at the Year 11 Provision have regularly and studiously been attending every day throughout the year.  The same diligent attitude to their learning has earned them very good progress and I salute them all for their mighty efforts.


On our last day we wanted to have a special assembly to showcase our pupils and their achievements.


In the assembly we had Mr Reid and Mr McKivett, our main teaching assistants, stand up and talk about all of the things their learning groups had been engaged in throughout the year in English, maths, PSHE and Art.  The pupils also got up and showed their artistic creations as Mr McKivett discussed the processes the pupils went through and showed photographs.


Then a group of pupils who’ve had very little experience with the English language got up and read statements about who they are, where they’re from, what they like to do and what RAP has helped them with.   It was impressive to hear them read so fluently to a large group.


Then our more able pupils put on a 10 minute performance on what life has been like for them at RAP this year.  Their representation was both accurate and witty.


After that was perhaps the most powerful and moving part of the assembly.  One of our pupils stood up and gave a talk on his life before coming to the UK.  Everyone was utterly transfixed.  The young man was fighting tears in his eyes as he explained the hardships he’d gone through, the people he missed and the relative safety and success he enjoys now.  It was the kind of talk I wish all of us could hear, reminding us all how lucky we are.


Then Mrs Marshall gave a talk and we handed out certificates to the pupils before we had our farewell lunch and said goodbye to the young ones.


Mr Damian O’Driscoll