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Trip to London Science Museum

Posted: February 12, 2019

After the success of our first outing, everyone was looking forward to our young peoples’ next London experience.

This time, we had over 20 students with us so when we set off from Fairlop Station in the morning we dominated a whole central line carriage almost.  In saying this, behaviour was excellent of course.

We made our way across London without a hitch and arrived, along with numerous other school groups, at the Science Museum.

Upon entry it was clear that most of the pupils with us had never been anywhere like this museum before as the phones were out recording many visual wonders.

We all experienced a Virtual Reality session in which we were undocking from the International Space Station in a Soyuz capsule and descending back to Earth. This was quite an extraordinary experience and I would look forward to trying it again.

After spending quite some time in the Space exhibition and in the Being Human exhibition we ate lunch and saw a 3D film at the Imax.  Instead of space we were now underwater in the deep and it was an excellent wonder to finish on.

As mentioned earlier, behaviour was impeccable throughout the day and we are all looking forward to our next opportunity to explore London.


Mr D O’Driscoll