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The London Dockland’s Museum at Heron Quays

Posted: January 26, 2022

Key Stage 3 pupils enjoyed a fantastic December day out, visiting The London Dockland’s Museum at Heron Quays and eating lunch at Mama’s Jerk in Canary Wharf. This trip was planned to support curriculum learning in both PSHE and Catering.

Pupils visited the exhibition Feeding Black: Community, power and place. This explores and celebrates the central role food plays in Black enterprise and identity in South London. We enjoyed learning new recipes and we will be selecting some to try in our food lessons.

Pupils really enjoyed exploring the museum galleries and learning more about London Docklands, during the Blitz period of WW2 – including experiencing how space felt inside different air raid shelters.

As we explored Canary Wharf pupils recognised the art of work of Camille Walala who reimagined the Adams Plaza Bridge with enchanting geometric shapes. Pupils had recently learned about her art in lessons.

We took a very green walk through the lovely quiet sky gardens that hide amongst the buildings.

Pupils were given a small budget for lunch at Mama Jerk’s and they took their time to carefully select from the delicious menu !