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Review – The Tragedy of Macbeth (30th November 2021)

Posted: December 9, 2021

The Tragedy of Macbeth

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Michael Woodwood


Macbeth a story of the pursuit of power, witch craft and destiny ends in tragedy, blood and death.

The play Macbeth, directed by Michael Woodwood was set in an apocalyptic world.  Instead of swords, the actors carried guns and wore leather, instead of the usual 15th Century clothing.

The acting was convincing which was brought to life by the excellent music that accompanied each scene.

The lighting was also brilliant and helped the audience keep track of the fast pace action.

By far, the best scenes involved the witches, who cackled and moved around the stage in a very menacing and threatening way.  They were so sinister, one of the teachers couldn’t watch.

Although, the best performance definitely goes to Lady Macbeth, whose manipulation ended in death and bloodshed.

There were some occasions where I found the language difficult to understand, but the lighting and music made it clearer.


By Kaylem

30th November 2021