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RAP’s London Visit

Posted: June 12, 2019

Travelling into London with thirty 16 year olds is never dull and neither was our day out to ‘The Lion King’ on 12th June.

Our first stop was the Emirates Cable Car across the river.  The sights of London from overhead of the Thames are a wonder to behold and our young ones certainly were enthralled.

Next we caught the Clipper from North Greenwich into Embankment.  The views of the river bank were captivating and many London icons could be identified and ogled by the students.

The pinnacle of the day was seeing ‘The Lion King’.  The theatre, the performances,  the music and the dancing all made a very strong impression on the students as they were still talking about it through the week afterwards.

As always, behaviour on the trip was impeccable.


Mr Damian O’Driscoll