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RAP skating trip to Somerset House

Posted: December 17, 2018

It was a beautiful, if rather chilly, London December day when we all set off on our little trip into the West End of London.  For quite a number of the young people in our group a trip into central London was an uncommon thing so the sights and sounds on the Underground, and indeed along The Strand, were more than enough to entertain their senses.

With all of our cohort feeling peckish before our allotted time at Somerset House it was collectively decided that we would break for an early lunch at that quaint little Scottish restaurant.

When we arrived at Somerset House with our bellies full it was time to hit the ice.

If central London was unfamiliar to the young ones, ice skating was even more so. Yet the students gave it their all and I was very happy to see them enjoying their time on the ice to the fullest.  What was also pleasing to see was the rapid progress in ice-skating skills that happened throughout their session.

They all lasted the full amount of time on the ice and most were exhausted afterwards.  The exhaustion was strongly masked with happy looks as we travelled back to Redbridge.  It would be an understatement to say that we all had a great time and I can say that we are all looking forward to our next experience in London.

Damien O’Driscoll

Feedback from the students;
“I liked the ice skating trip because the ice was beautiful.”
“This trip really brought us all together.”  
“The ice skating, the travelling and the hot wings that I ate were all really good.” 
“It was great. I’d love another experience like this.”
“It was my first-time ice skating.  It was more enjoyable than I expected.”