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RAP Goes Up The West End

Posted: March 7, 2018

We were blessed with fine weather for the RAP visit to London last month. Students and staff all enjoyed an adventure packed day, taking in the Emirates cable car, a boat cruise along the Thames and lunch at Zizzi’s. The highlight of the day though was undoubtedly watching the matinee of ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum.

The trip was paid for in part by the Jack Petchey funding received by our own Outstanding Leadership Award winner – Jennie Johnson. For some of our students it represented their first taste of West End life. You can see in the photos below how much everyone appreciated this opportunity and that was also reflected by the appreciative comments we heard;

“It was excellent! The theatre and the show were the best things!”

 “It was very fun and I enjoyed myself – especially when we watched The Lion King”

 “It was pretty cool! I enjoyed it and it had a nice quality and we all went so it was fun!”

 “The thing I liked mainly was The Lion King”

 “The Lion King show was fun and I had a tremendous time watching it. Thanks!!”

 “I liked the trip. The cable cars were amazing and so was the boat and show. I even ate at Zizzi (pizza). We should go on more trips like that!”