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RAP goes up and over at the O2

Posted: June 22, 2019

Overcoming their trepidation, fear of heights and a little tiny bit of rain, the staff and students of RAP bravely scaled the heights of East London’s O2 arena. Having taken in the safety briefing, donned the protective gear and being shown the correct way to use the harness, we set off.

On the way up the rain held off and having passed some fairly steep sections of roof we were able to enjoy magnificent views all the way from the Docklands business park past London City airport and all the way to the West End.

On the way down the rain finally arrived and our adventurous crew were chasing rivers of water to the bottom. Everyone made it safely down thankfully and each arrival cheered on those behind them, with the biggest cheer of the day reserved for our Mr Onireti for having overcoming his personal fears to complete the challenge.