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Rap club!

Posted: July 17, 2018

After weeks of hard work writing and practicing under the guidance of professional ‘Rap Club’ rapper Doja Sowunmi, our students were ready to go into the studio and lay down their finished track. The experience was a new one for the majority and some found it takes more bravery than they expected to perform in front of others, especially when some of them you haven’t met before. Our students stepped up to the challenge and all of them delivered their part with style.

You can hear the resulting work below. You can’t help but agree it sounds professional and carries a valuable message.

RAP Students spent a lot of time before they ever headed to the studio – writing, re-writing revising and rehearsing. Thanks to Doja – his guidance and motivation helped our young performers find their own way to express themselves using their own words.  The staff at the studio No.90 in Hackney helped our students give their best performance. At least one member of the group gave a polished performance – clearly knew the ins and outs of working in a studio from past experience and could well have a future in this arena. Nerves were a feature! We were so proud of our young people in the way they overcame their individual anxieties. Throughout the experience we could see them grow in confidence and self-esteem through respecting and valuing each other’s contribution and through encouraging each other to step up…. …make their voices heard……….and feel proud of themselves when the job was done!