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Last day @ Year Eleven Provision

Posted: June 26, 2020

Friday 26th June 2020

Not even Covid 19 was enough to keep our young people away. For the month of June we had about 13-15 pupils attend every day.

Each of the pupils attending had been asked to prepare a presentational seminar on where they each came from and how and why they came here to live and learn.

As all of the pupils have EAL needs this was quite a challenge for them.

Even though this was the case, all of the pupils put a serious amount of time and effort into their presentations.

So, on our last day all of the students shared their stories with us.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved in the classroom.

I laughed and I cried.

I heard  from one of the students who came here as an asylum seeker. His story seemed as if it came straight out of a film.

When his dramatic and upsetting story was complete he said something that I think ALL young people in the UK should hear.

He said, ‘I really wish I’d been born in this country.’

All of the young people respected each other and their stories and it was a special thing to be a part of.

After we ate, we talked and said our goodbyes and I led the pupils out the door for the last time.  The only thing was that they wouldn’t leave.

They stood there smiling and speechless.

So I took one last photo. ?