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Knife Box Workshop

Posted: October 20, 2021

On Monday October 4th the RAP students were invited to a ‘Knife Box’ workshop, delivered by Redbridge’s SSO – Safer School’s Officer PC Horton and two of her colleagues.
The workshop provided an opportunity for our young people to see the types of knives that have been seized by the police.
RAP students were surprised at the vast range of knives that had been seized, ranging from small pen knives to the huge ‘Zombie’ knives.
A Question and Answer session was then opened up, in which the students asked some quite though provoking questions. The legalities around carrying a knife and for what purpose.
PC Horton was happy to answer all questions from students and there was then an opportunity to look at their various uniforms, stab vests and helmets. The students enjoyed trying on the uniform, as you can see in the photos.