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Inspired Futures Knife Crime Workshop Visit

Posted: May 4, 2022

On Tuesday 26th April our students attended a knife crime workshop as part of the Inspired Futures presentation. The workshop was in three parts; representatives from The London Ambulance Service, The police and Nathaniel Levy whose younger brother Robert was killed as a result of knife crime.
Inspired Futures’s Mission Aims and Objectives “endeavour to support, assist and inspire the Community, creating a positive and safe environment for young people and society as a whole.”
Here are a few testimonials from a few of our students.

“I am currently on a Short Stay Placement and today I saw a knife crime workshop involving an ambulance team, a police officer and then heard the tragedy of Robert Levy from his older brother Nathan Levy. We heard how Robert Antonio Levy was murdered as a result of a knife. I found the the account from Nathan very moving but also inspirational as he has made his life about educating young people about knife crime, leaving his successful property business.”‘

“ Whilst in my placement in SSP at RAP, I was able to take part in a workshop about Nathan Levy’s brother being stabbed and murdered and he told the whole story. We learnt about carrying knives from the ambulance man and PC Halleron. They told us that most people are killed with their own knife that they carry to protect themselves.’”

“Whilst in SSP there was a workshop, Nathan Levy spoke about his little brother, Robert Levy that got killed September 16th 2004 in Hackney. I found it sad but there was lots of tips on how to avoid knife crime and what to do if someone is stabbed.”

“Whilst I was at SSP I was I was taking part in a knife crime workshop. It was quite helpful and taught me a lot about knife crimes and the human body injuries. There was a guy at the workshop called Nathan Levy who shared the tragic story about his brother. The story left me heart broken. There was also a police officer and a NHS worker who taught me a lot about what to do if someone gets stabbed.”
OAKS PARK – Year 9

The workshop showed that even the smallest knives can take a person’s life. There may also be unprovoked attacks and people carrying knives are more likely to get hurt themselves. It showed different perspectives and aspects of what a situation/ incident revolving around a knife may look like and then the aftermath of what may happen. It was a good presentation that broke down the essential aspects of knife crime and it also helped the audience understand the purpose and severeness of knife crime.

All three speakers from the workshop appreciated the students and their participation, in a nearly four hour session.
Staff were impressed with the level of concentration and questions put to the Police and Ambulance service and the founder of Inspired Futures, Nathan Levy.