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Ice-skating Trip

Posted: December 12, 2019

We set off on the underground and headed into west London which itself was an adventure for our young people who, for the most part, haven’t been into London city.

Arrival into London brought on more astonishment with the masses of people, the sizes of the buildings and the volume of traffic causing eyes to widen.

Strolling along the Strand we also took in the Christmas lights and festivities in the area.

Even the ice-cold rain couldn’t dampen anyone’s spirits when we arrived at Somerset House. None of the pupils had ever skated before so they were all hanging on to the sides for the first 15 minutes.  Even with the cold weather and the lack of skills our kids pushed on through it all and showed real progress on the ice by the time they’d finished.

There were smiles all around afterwards as we headed off for lunch.

We then went to Trafalgar Square to see the monuments and spent some time walking over a pedestrian bridge on the Thames to look at The London Eye and Big Ben.

Behaviour was impeccable and everyone, students and staff alike, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Mr Damian O’Driscoll