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Favellas at RAP

Posted: June 20, 2018

Our Favelas – Art and its environment 
This term we have been finding out about the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. We have looked at how Art can change the environment, and how the environment we live in can affect our art. We have also been investigating social housing in the UK and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower.
In Art, our students have looked at artists Haas and Hahn and Sergio Cezar and have focussed on reflecting these artists’ work within their own.
To record what we have learned,  each class has created cardboard Favelas which have been added to and changed throughout the term to represent the constantly changing nature and infrastructure of life in a busy Favela. Some students are also creating 2D responses to the stimuli in the form of paintings and drawings, which will be displayed throughout the school.
Iain Lock – Head of Art