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Consent Workshops

Posted: November 14, 2018

On 7th November RAP students took part in a workshop, based around the topic of ‘consent’.

This vital discussion focused around the meaning of consent, what it means in practice, why it’s important and what can be the consequences of breaking the law. The day was organised into two sessions – one aimed at male students and one aimed at female students. This is important to allow students to be comfortable and confident in asking questions and voicing their own thoughts. It was fantastic experience for all our students – well organised and run – and raises the profile of this crucial aspect of safeguarding.

Students participated well, and all of them said they found the workshop useful in helping them understand the meaning of consent and the issues around it.

Comments from our students included;

“It’s okay to change your mind.”

“You have to ask permission to touch someone.”

“If a person says no, it means no. If they change their mind and say yes, thenthey change it again to no, leave them alone.”

“If someone touches you in the wrong way, report it.”

“Don’t pressure or manipulate anyone to do anything.”