Equality of Opportunity for All

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Pastoral Care

At RAP we recognise that students make the best academic progress when their emotional and social needs are met. Accordingly we provide comprehensive pastoral care.

When a student begins work with us they benefit from an initial, intensive meeting with our dedicated Pastoral Outreach & Welfare Manager who uses this time to make an assessment of their individual care needs. Resulting from this we are able to offer a diverse range of supportive interventions and intense wrap-around pastoral care;

Ongoing personal support with one of our behaviour mentors.
Weekly appointments with our CaMHS outreach counsellor.
Regular appointments with our school nurse.
Regular liaison with schools to ensure smooth re-integration of pupils and effective strategies for support.
Close liaison with a range of outside agencies including, social services, youth offending service, fusion, early intervention etc
The support of an Educational Welfare Team
Programme to raise student aspirations including careers input with the aim of ensuring suitable post-16 careers input.
Access to an Educational Psychologist and our own SEN co-ordinator.

It is our firm belief that through the interventions indicated and by providing warm, caring and supportive environment, we are able to maximise the academic success, happiness, well-being and future life-chances of each student in our care.

To contact our Pastoral Outreach & Welfare Manager / Child Protection Officer contact;

Gail Hayes at gailhayes@nrhs.redbridge.sch.uk