Equality of Opportunity for All

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Skills for Life


While initial assessment of literacy levels takes place as part of English, the delivery of literacy is very much a cross-curricular issue and individual literacy targets will be focused on within different subjects.

  • A programme of literacy support is offered to pupils on a one to one basis.
  • Staff use different teaching styles to support literacy in the classroom.
  • We use the ‘Lexia’ program alongside reading support.
  • One to one reading opportunities are embedded.
Preparation for Working Life

This course has been designed to give candidates the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare them for working life, now and in the future, as confident individuals and members of society. Students are able to gain knowledge of finance, enterprises, working practices and how businesses are organised and run. The course enables students to gain employability skills, such as the ability to problem solve, to communicate effectively and to work well in a team. Preparation for Working Life at RAP leads to an AQA qualification at either Level 1 or Level 2.

Personal & Social Education

At RAP through our PSE curriculum we aim to give the learners we work with the opportunity to develop their sense of personal identity and to think about the society they live in and their place in it. At KS4 PSE leads to an AQA qualification at either Level 1 or Level 2.

Food Technology

Food Tech at RAP encompasses a wide range of cross curricular skills including in Mathematics, English, Science. It encourages responsibility and participation and teaches our students valuable skills for life – as well as learning to cook an incredible variety of tasty dishes!