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Headteacher’s Welcome

21st April 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to be able to write my first letter as the Interim Headteacher of Redbridge Alternative Provision [RAP]. I feel extremely honoured and privileged to be able to undertake this role and to build upon the success of the school.

The last year has been anything short of extraordinary for all members of the school and wider community. That said, at Redbridge we are tireless in our pursuit of excellence because we know what a difference it can make to the lives of our young people, their families and community. We are truly committed to maintaining very strong home-school partnerships. For students to maximise their potential, it is vital that parents and carers and the school work productively together to uphold the school’s values.

You can be assured that as Interim Headteacher of Redbridge Alternative Provision, all staff will strive to create the best learning environment for your child whilst they are members of our school family. To achieve this, we expect students to be Ready, Respectful and Safe during their time in school.

Finally, we acknowledge that we won’t get everything right but, like our students, we will keep trying to learn and improve.

I look forward to working with your over the course of 2021.

Best Wishes

Kerrie Marshall
Interim Headteacher